Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Ahh, has been too long since I blogged. Been damn too busy at work. You know, work putting a cramp in your fun?

So, I'm heading off to Kansas City to visit the Stoics and DrunkJeff and Vybex for New Years Eve. Should be lots o' fun. Here's the email I sent to the crew on Sunday.

At this very moment I am sitting [picture to follow] in the lobby of the Westin Hotel near SFO, since my flight leaves at 6:00am. Ack! But it's well worth it. More time with the Stoics. And besides, it's a very nice hotel.
o Right next the airport.
o Great restaurant. (Pricey but good, and good beer.)
o Room with a king size bed. The bed must encompass two area codes of its own. When you get lost they send in the search dogs. [picture to follow]
o The room even has its own safe.
o Long mezmorizing hallways, like many hotels. [picture to follow]
o And best of all? Wireless in the lobby! Yup, in #Ampedout right now, chattin' with me droogies.

Only downside? The wireless, in its usually freaky corporate way, requires that a browser remains open to a specific page. Okay, and the musak xmas music playing. (Headphones and streaming Ampedout goooooood.)