Thursday, March 25, 2004

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Yup, it's the last night in California... Kansas City bound. Woot! And there's lots of last minute things to pack... the essentials you can't pack until last minute. You know, computer, clothing, and bed. Welp, enough blogging, back to preparing. Get back to you all in KC!
Sent to the KC crew

Hola All!

The time is near. I pick up a 15' Budget truck with a tow dolly for my car on Monday. I head out on the same day to Kansas City, with a planned arrival of Thursday afternoon (see below). The weather looks good for next week along I-80, so I will be taking that route... No freaky upper midwest early spring snow storms in the forecast.

JEN: Hope to see you on Wednesday night.

KRISTI/CRAIG: Can you send me directions coming from Lincoln NE to your place? I don't trust Yahoo Maps in this regard. Also, since your street is somewhat narrow, I'll probably drop my car off nearby (Walgreens?)

I have the truck through Monday, and I doubt that I'll get a place in a few days. So maybe I'll get a storage space for a short period. (Yes, I have more stuff than I realized. *grin* I was warned about this... ~250cu'?)

IMPORTANT: My cellphone number now is 707-XXX-XXXX, which will change at some point to a KC number. Since net connection is not guaranteed next week, cellphone will be the best way to reach me.



The weather along I80:
(Advance the day to the proper day of the week.)

The route:

Route Summary
Origination: Santa Rosa, CA
Destination: Kansas City, MO
This Route Distance: 1802 mi. This Route Driving Time: 25:09


The planned schedule:

506 7:13 Elko NV (Monday 22 Eve)
1109 15:17 Laramie WY (Tuesday 23 Eve)
1598 21:56 Lincoln NE (Wednesday 24 Eve)
1780 24:47 Kansas City MO (Thursday 25 afternoon)

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Here's a great blurb that a (ex) coworker sent to me. I think it says it all. Thanks Scott!
Hi Kevin,

This quote was excerpted from a speech given by the principal at the most affluent high school in America(circa 1976), to the last graduating class he would preside over for some time. He and his family were preparing to travel the world to do whatever they needed to survive and thrive in a global quest for new experiences.

"...There will be few, a very few, who will be brave enough to walk away from the secure life in order to grow stronger by exposing and applying themselves to a wide range of new, challenging and, indeed, threatening experiences. But the tangible rewards of such ventures far eclipse the hollow triumphs of living in a static world. The renewal of self means much more than that which makes the self feel safe. I urge that this be your primary goal, your primary challenge throughout your life--that of self-renewal..."

Best of everything to you!

-- scott

Friday, March 12, 2004

Ahh, now some big praise from the key players.... Thanks everybody!

Been a pleasure working with you, Kevin. If you need me as a reference,
don't hesitate.

Best of luck to you.
[Safari VP, Product Management]

Hi, Kevin,

I don't know when you'll leave but I wanted to let you know how much we at
BvD have appreciated your continuous help on Safari. This really was a GREAT

Good luck for your next job,
[Safari lead developer. This is high praise from a man of few words. I was very surprised when I got this email.]


Bets of luck, Kevin. Sorry to see you go. You have been a BIG help.

[Safari VP of Managing Director]


Thanks for your support over the last couple of years with Safari. I'l always consider you an original member of our team. We've built something to be proud of in the Safari service.

Good luck in Missouri!
[Safari board member]

Good luck Kevin. Thanks for all the hard work!

[O'Reilly board member]
Some repsonses from O'Reilly-ites and Safarians. "You like me! You really do! *grin*

Take care-best of luck!

Best of luck to you, Kevin on your big adventure! I hope this move is really good for you! If your ever in the area again, stop by and see if I'm still here! Take good care of yourself!

We'll miss you, dude.

Hey Kevin,
Congratulations on your graduation. To the start of many adventures. We'll miss you.

Hi, Kevin--
Bon voyage! You'll be missed!

Great email Kevin. I liked your FAQ. Almost makes me want
to move there with you. But we just bought an extreme fixer
upper by the River. We get three seasons there. Hot, Cold, and Flood!

Good luck,

LOL! (In response to the FAQ)
Congratulations Kevin! Sounds like an exciting change (and the property prices are enviable ;-)

Best of luck!

Good luck. Enjoy.


We will miss you.
Good Luck and if you need anything, let me know.


Hi Kevin.
I will miss your smiling face and amazing stories!
Good luck to you in the midwest.
Take care!

Wow, we'll miss you! Have fun hanging out with Andy. Don't let him lead you astray (or vice-versa :-)

Best of luck with your move, Kevin. Sorry I missed your party today. It sounds like you're off on an exciting and probably fun new chapter in your life. I wish you the best!

Hi Kevin!
Best of luck. It's been great working with you.
Take care,

Hi Kevin!
Best of luck on your move -- it will be quite a change for you!


Thursday, March 11, 2004

Moving off to Kansas City MO
Here's the email I recently sent out to my co-workers at O'Reilly:
Hola O'Reilly-ites!

Friday the 12th is my last day at O'Reilly. I'm moving off to Kansas City MO, land of cow parades and an affordable cost of living. I've learned alot in the 5 years I've been here and it has been great working with the whole lot of you.

I will always be a huge fan O'Reilly books, conferences, Safari Books Online, etc. I will never get over the habit of mentally red marking content problems in competitor's books. I guess I'll be O'Reilly's second biggest fan. (Andy Lester gets the number one distinction. AndyLester= tech reviewer, perl guru, persistent submitter of errata.)

And if you ever want to reach me:
email: me at kevinbingham dot com
ICQ: 92274042
AIM: NegatorGM Kevin "Bynk" Bingham

It's been real, it's been fun, and it's been real fun.

Thanks for everything,
-Kevin Bingham

me at kevinbingham dot com


Q: Why are you leaving?
Cost of living is reasonable, and I'll be able to afford a house. Also it was time to rattle my cage a bit. I've briefly pondered moving north to Oregon or Washington for the last year. KC won out.

Q: Why Kansas City MO?
I have friends there. For the last 2 years I've been listening to the shoutcast radio station Ampedout ( On Friday nights Stoicite (owner) and his friend DrunkJeff have a live show (lewd, rude, funny, and fun). Listeners chat with them and make hilarious comments. In September 2003, I travelled to KC to meet them and 13+ other Ampers. A fun time was had by all. I returned to visit for New Years 2003/2004 and decided I liked the place enough to move.

Q: What is the cost of living in KC?
1950's ranch style house, 3 bedrooms in CA = $400k+
1950's ranch style house, 3 bedrooms, with basement in KC = $80k+
'Nuff said.

Q: When are you actually leaving?
I hop in the Budget truck on the 22nd. I was thinking of buying a van and towing my car, since I only have a few large household items. But cost and reliability turned me to renting.

Q: Do you have a place to live?
Not yet. Though there are vacancies in KC, unlike CA. And I'll spend a few days with my Ampedout friends while looking for a place. (Trying to find a place 1800 miles away doesn't work very well.)

Q: Do you have a job? What will you be doing there?
I'm on the job hunt. I'll probably be spending April job hunting, visiting my father in Texas, learning new tech, and "catching up on my technical journals"(1).

Q: Isn't it hot/cold/humid/windy, etc?
Yes, it's a place with more than two seasons. Amazing. No more two-season California. I've always lived in northern California, so it will be an adjustment. (Answer to the cynic: Yes it is, and humans do live and thrive there.)

Q: What about the user groups you host in Sebastopol?
Greg Dickerson is the new host for the North Bay Linux User's group. Sonoma Perl Mongers has found other places to meet. And yes, I'll be joining the Perl and Linux groups in KC.

Q: What about family?
I am leaving family behind (2 sisters, niece, nephew, mother). Though I'll be within a day's drive of a cousin (Detroit), my father (Texas), and many other cousins and aunts and uncles (South Carolina and Tennessee).

Q: Are you taking any O'Reilly books with you?
But of course!

(1) Quote from Scotty in Classic Star Trek episode, "Trouble with Tribbles".