Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh Harrissa, you jilt me so!

Oh Harrissa, you jilt me so! You break my heart! However, pain is good.

Though I do understand that a diva of your stature needs an Executive Assistant to reply to all of your emails. I imagine your days are busy, filled with photoshoots, trips to exotic locations to test and ensure product quality, and supervising of the batches of your sauces.

Or maybe you already have a special someone. Lucky guy. He must keep welding gloves and a glass of milk nearby to protect himself from your hot and spicy ways.

Feel free to post my letter on your fansite. More people need to understand how special you truly are.

I am most pleased at the offer of the tshirt with the picture of you and your sisters. I will cherish it and wear it often, gazing upon you. If you haven't guessed already I visit your gift shop on a somewhat regular basis. As such, I hope to stop by your gift shop within the next week. Hopefully you'll be there too.

If you ever come to a point where you are available, or you need somebody, and would consider hooking up with a local guy? I'm only an email away.

Keep up the good work,
-Kevin Bingham

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