Monday, December 14, 2009

My extreme photoshoot in Savannah

I found a website that had an "extreme giveaway". To enter, you had to post something extreme you’ve done lately in the comments. So here's what I entered. It is tongue in cheek with hyperbole, but hey, it is an "extreme giveaway".

Note: I used the word "extreme" a mere 35 times. *grin*

This last weekend I went on an extreme photoshoot in Savannah, with people I had only met once before.

On Friday, I sneaked out of work extremely early (3 hours) so I could pick up some rental photo equipment. Little did the rental place know that I was taking their equipment extremely far away... 1000 miles. I got to Kansas City airport with less an hour to spare, an extreme time by TSA standards. Ha! Take that TSA and your "arrive more than 90 minutes before your flight"!

While waiting in line at the airport I had a real conversation with security personnel, and didn't get stripped search. Not even wanded! Extremely risky.

I then flew to Houston's George Bush Intergalactic airport, which was an absolute zoo of people and alarms and overly loud TVs with CNN. Extremely noisy.

And then there was the extremely long walk, burdened with bags, to get to my gate that had moved from one concourse to another. No real time to grab a bite to eat. Extremely hungry.

And of course, my flight was delayed over an hour, which resulted in my flight getting in extremely late to Savannah. Extremely annoying.

When I got to Savannah, I had found that my friend/client had checked me into one of the swankiest, new hotels in downtown Savannah. Extremely nice!

We ended up hanging out at an Irish pub on the river, until past 2pm. During that time a stream of ten police officers came in and went upstairs resulting in twenty plus college students being ejected from the pub. It was an extremely civil ejection, except for extreme drunk who commented about the police ejecting the field trip students. And being drunk, he had to use his single one-liner joke, multiple times. Extremely stupid.

On Saturday, the photoshoot ended up being an extremely mix bag. There were only a few inside shots. Scheduled were a batch of outside shots, unfortunately Savannah was experiencing extreme weather than was unseasonably cold and rainy. This meant that two-thirds of our plans were blown. Extremely disappointing.

I hung out with my client/friend and her friends. I felt extremely welcomed and fit right in. Extremely friendly. Extremely cool.

My friend low-balled my age by more than 12 years. Extremely flattering and humbling.

So on Saturday night we went back to the river front, with a good sized group. There I walked around in a t-shirt while all the locals were bundled up with hoodies, gloves, jackets, and knitted caps. Extremely cold? Extremely amusing.

We hung out in a bar named the Warehouse-- I drunk rum and coke. A local band, "The Train Wrecks", were playing-- a fusion of folksy, bluesy, Americana, rockabilly rock. Sitting there I twittered this: "Sitting in a bar in Savannah GA on the river front, drinks and good music. Havin' a good time." Extremely entertaining.

After that we went in search of food. What kind of food could be available at 1am in the morning? We walked by Paula Dean's restaurant, with dreams of deep fried butter in our heads, and ended up at a burger joint named Sweet Melissa's. Not being that hungry, I order the $4 chili cheese fries. What I got was a monstrosity of chili and fries. Extremely nummy.

On Sunday, we slept in extremely late.

After lunch, we had to drive to 4.5 hours to Myrtle Beach, where originally we had planned a shoot, so I could catch my plane. Extremely far.

We got to the airport with only 30 minutes to spare. Again, an extreme short amount of time.

I boarded the plane only to wait half an hour while an external lamp had to be repaired. And then had to wait another half hour on the tarmac while the plane waited in queue, due to craptacular weather in Charlotte. Extremely lame.

At least my connecting flight was late, but as on Friday, I had no time to grab a bite to eat. And during the flight I couldn't nap and on descent my ears were stopped up. Extremely painful.

I got home more than two hours later than I expected.

On Monday morning, I discovered that I had a fever, nasal congestion, and a sore throat from my travels. Extremely sick?

This resulted in calling into work sick, and sleeping most of the day. Extremely tired.

So there's my extremely long post for my extremely interesting, fun, and somewhat disappointing weekend photoshoot to Savannah.

And me? I'm extremely glad to be at home.

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Jeremy said...

FYI, "thought screen helmets" are so 2008. It's all about the anti-telepathy caps now.