Friday, June 30, 2006

A New (not very evil) Minion

Welcome the little lady, Sweetie Pie!

So, I've been considering getting a cat for a while, and the ladies in the management office have known that. They often get strays, feed them, and find them homes. Back in Feburary there was a cat, but "Butterscotch" was too dandery for my allergies.

Anyhow, I walk into the mangement office today to pay my rent (3:30pm), and I was asked, "Are you still looking for a cat?" I said sure. (They are big cat lovers there. No pet deposit for apartment complex strays. And gratis kitty sitting when gone. As I said... big cat lovers.)

So I sit with the cat-with-no-name, a petite black and white furball, for a time, to check my dander reaction. Such a sweet cat. (I think it was said that she was "a sweetie", a time or two.)

Things seem good. She stays right there. And is very affectionate.

(Maybe the previous owner was a guy?) According to one of the managers of the complex, the kitty walked up to her husband. As is typically done around here, they took her in and started to find her a new home. (Amazingly, they had a highway-stray dog, and two furry kittens earlier this week.)

After a bit, I decide to try her out. So I ran off to PetSmart to grab a kitty box and some stinky food. (She doesn't go for the light odor stuff, according to finders.) I already had a few things that I bought last Feburary: litter box, litter, scratching pad, kitty toy. On the way to PetSmart I thought, "Sweetie is a good name..."

A quick stop at home, and back to the management office. When I returned to the management office, she easily went into the box, though lots of meowing ensued. (5pm)

At home I let her out of the box in the bathroom near the litter box. She wandered around, and promptly hid under my bed on top of a vinyl cover to a free standing white board. I spoke with her, trying to coax her out, and went to putting away some laundry.

After a time she came out briefly, and returned to her hiding place.

About 8:30 she wandered out, and meowed and talked. I put some food out, and she eventually made her way to my couch next to me. (See pics.) (Lots of rubbing and petting ensued... including tummy rubbing... lots of black fur there, only a bit of white only legs and upper chest.)

Pics loaded up, and she returned to her hidey place.

(Oh yeah, names such as "Little Lady" and "Sweetie Pie" have been uttered... so now she has a middle name.)

More to come. Hopefully the dander level is manageable with my seasonal allergies. If things don't work out, the ladies in the management office will find a new place for her.

Surprise! (10:15pm) Here I thought she was in my bedroom hiding, but she snuck past me and now is on the top of my couch, preening and cleaning.