Thursday, May 27, 2004

What's up? I get the cast off my left hand/wrist tomorrow. Yeah! Also I get a mobility brace so I can move my knee, 30º at first. Which means I should be driving!!!

Spent Wednesday and Thursday with car stuff. Finally got a new one. Huzzah!

Here it is:

No, no, not the old Nissan Sentra in the front. The Nissan Altima 1998 GLE in the rear. Geeez!

Yes, another Altima. If I can get in an accident and only suffer the injuries I have, then at minimum my "new" car was going to be an Altima. Got a pretty good deal on it. Needed new tires which I got today at CostCo. The interior needs a good detailing/shampooing. Also, it could use a tune-up. (Probably missed its 60K... total miles 65,000.)

More after tomorrow's doctor's visit...
Okay, humble pie time. Stream-Jockey is in use. Of course I did a search for Stream-J and found nothing. Oh well.

Friday, May 14, 2004

New Word of the Day
Stream-J (stream-jockey): Like a DJ (disc-jockey), but applicable to a "jockey" of online music or of a shoutcast music stream. Example: Stoicite is a stream-j for AmpedOut.Net.

(Note: far as I know I'm the first to use this term when I became an alternate stream-j for AmpedOut last November. If you can prove me wrong, and point out a previous usage, I'd be most humbled.)
Cantenna/USB Dongle WiFi Fun!
I just ordered up a D-Link USB 802.11b dongle. It should work great with a homemade antenna or a cantenna (link1, link2). It will be cheaper and less work than your typical cantenna/pcmcia combo: no coax hardware, no hacking the pcmcia card. There should be little signal loss since the dongle will be directly in the can and no lossy coax cable-- just get a can and make an adjustable sliding slot for fine tuning. The D-Link is 40mW, which seems to be a standard power. It will be a nice supplement to my laptop since there is little I can do with its built-in wireless. Stay linked as I get the shipment and work on the cantenna.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Recently viewed DVDs
  • Insomnia (2002): remake of a Swedish film, Al Pacino & Robin Williams & Hilary Swank, engrossing.
  • The Thomas Crown Affair (1999): remake of 1968 film, smart & witty, well written & directed, wild sex scene between Pierce Brosnan & Rene Russo, Denis Leary at his cynical cop best.
No more walker!
Woot! The BynkMobile has been garaged. I have now upgraded to a cane/walking stick. The choice was either floral patterns on my cane or American flags. Guess which one I took.

The Bynkie Doodle Cane & Gimpy-Bynkie Doodle Dandy with KOMPRESSOR POWER.
The true nature of cats has now been revealed. Just watch out for KoUSes (Kittens of Unusual Size). Ahh, tis a Wonderous World of Phobias.

And here is an infinite amount of feline fun.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

This update brought to you by EFNet IRC
bynk: knock knock
stoichic: who's there?
bynk: Little ol' lady....
bynk: (sorry, I was napping.)
stoichic: how's the knee w/o staples?
bynk: very nice
stoichic: yay!
bynk: no more 1 hour to bed
bynk: well, 30 mins
stoichic: hehe
bynk: walking around w/o walker
stoichic: awesome!
stoichic: that's great newss
bynk: though for long period I probably could still use a stick/cane
bynk: in 2 weeks no more arm splint!
stoichic: !!
stoichic: that's excellent news
bynk: Mom has bought a ticket to leave on June 3rd
stoichic: well, at least i know i'll get to see her before she leaves :)
bynk: yup
bynk: Monday I should have my money for a new vehicle... not as much as I expected. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Just came back from seeing Doctor Key (2 hours later). They took some new X-rays. Removed the "cast" from the left hand to examine it. Still some bruising in the outer metacarpals. Definite bruising below the wrist on the inside. Hand prognosis? Two more weeks of wearing a cast. Ack, I miss two handed typing. It's like I have been partially gagged.

Knee prognosis: Finally the staple/sutures have been removed. Yes, it is healing but the tough part is the ligaments/tendons. They need to grow back. So two more weeks of no bending of the right leg. Then I will be able to bend it 30º. Two weeks more and another 30º. Which means 8 weeks for full mobility (120º). *sigh*

Follow up visit in two weeks...
Recently viewed DVDs
  • Ben-Hur: looong (212 min), steeped with religion, good epic film, Charlton "Get your hands off me you damn dirty Roman" Heston.
  • Monsters, Inc.: Pixar, fun, cute, nuff said.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Today's update brought to you by AIM.
Petdance: How goes it?
Petdance: Yeah, I saw that. [the blog]
Bynk: I am hanging in there
Petdance: You've just got the left had bummin'?
Petdance: and one leg?
Bynk: yup
Petdance: Do ya get a lot of chicks with that thing?
Petdance: "Oh, you poor baby! Let me give you a massage!"
Bynk: yeah, this older chick now hangs around
Bynk: oh, wait, that's my mother
Bynk: (c:
Petdance: Well, it's a start!
Petdance: That's gotta be weird, having to actually think about walking.
Bynk: not too much thinking now... more planning and awareness
Bynk: when I go out its like taking a 2yr old to the mall
Petdance: Oh?
Bynk: take the walker... put me in the car correctly...
Petdance: Your walker runs away from you, yelling, in the opposite direction that you want to go?
Bynk: lol
Petdance: YOU laugh.
Bynk: okay, not quite at that level
Bynk: going to bed takes an hour, with changing my bandage
Bynk: And now that I'm not completely exhausted, I wake up tired... just can't sleep as comfortably with leg immobile on back... oh well
Bynk: and this too will pass
Petdance: What's ETA on getting past all this?
Bynk: well, probably 6 weeks for no brace... not super sure yet... doc appt next Tues
[6 weeks in total, 10 days down, 32 to go]
Petdance: Jeepers.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Introducing the new BynkMobile! It gets great gas mileage. It might even produce more gas than it uses. *fart*

Comes with the optional left arm rest and a right hand SpeedGrip™. Top speed of 120 fpm. I recently added the rear racing yellow speed balls to the rear drivetrain, which has increased its performance. (Yes, the tennis balls are better than the "factory" slides. Those ol' folk know what they are doing.)

No sound system yet, nor drink holders. Depending on its frequency of extracurricular use I might add some front cargo storage. And the whole thing can fold and park in a small space. Zoooooooming!

(Okay not exactly zoom, more like: slide, step, swing... slide, step, swing.)

I've heard that Tim Burton's next film will be Bynkie Zipperknee. (Bummer, hard to see the staple/sutures.)

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

How am I doing?
I've been getting this question a lot, so here we go.

I'm moving around decently with the walker. One or two naps a day are norm, plus 10+ hours of sleep a night. Eating very well, thank you. My body is definitely in healing mode. I eat standing at my kitchen counter, and I get up and move around once an hour else body parts go to sleep. I try to remember to drink lots of water and am doing a decent job of it.

I am a pro now at getting up and sitting down. My Ikea chair with ottoman is now at my desk. Now only if I could type at my usual speeds. Guess I'll just have to get used to it. (Five weeks for hand splint?) The dressings on my leg are changed once a day. I should be getting my staples/sutures removed in the next day or so.

Last Sunday mom and I made a trip to Target. (Crash and burn zzzzzzzz after that adventure.)

Yes, she has now seen the first two movies of LOTR and very much liked them. Onward to "A Fish Called Wanda" and other DVDs in my collection. She's also reading Benjamin Franklin : An American Life by Walter Isaacson. It's a good read, lots of great insight on colonial American life.

MommaGin (aka BynkMom) has been VERY helpful. I am glad she is here. She deserves something special for Momma's Day, hmmmmmm.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Wise seer Ovi says: cant have [life] without some shitstorms now and again.

Maybe this should be Ovi's corrollary to Murphy's Law, which we know can be paraphrased as "shit happens".
Some observations/notes over the last few days:
  • To quote a famous actress, "You like me, you really do!" So where is my gold statue? Hehehe. Thank you all for your kind words and support. Wealth is definitely measured in friends, not in money. (Okay, money is good too.)

  • Lord Jingles rawks! Here's a recent (04/27/2004) testimonial that he posted on Thanks man.
    It's hard to honestly put into words how good a person Kevin is. I'm going to try. My second wedding took place worlds away from anywhere that my friends and family live. However, Kevin came and stood with me. Far as I'm concerned, that makes him family in my book. Sharp, witty, has a staggeringly diverse 'punconscious'. We even share a brain - often engaged in conversation composed solely of half sentences, there being no need of the other halves.

    Generous to a fault, and always positive. Rock on, brother Bynk.

  • EvilRose... I'm sorry too that I couldn't meet you and Fedaykin in Dallas.

  • Instant messaging and chat gooooood! It's what got the message out to my friends and old coworkers. You wouldn't believe how many phone calls I got in the hospital because of it. Thanks Stoichic for getting the initial word out and Jingles for IM-ing Retina and Aelonwindseeker.

  • When you have an online presence, funny how it becomes equated with a form of health. Over the last few days I've had many people note, "It's great to see you back online." Call them eVitals if you will. Yup, I'm still sending packets of strong electrons.

  • BynkNeice is now an Amper and has confessed that she is a self-proclaimed nerd. Woot! (She Likes Pink Floyd / And Deadgrrrl too ... Now she's an Amper / An Amper o/~ ... apologies to Tom Petty.)

  • I'm popular as Jesus, Elvis, and the Beatles! Okay, not quite. Though all you need is love, right?
    bbblake: oh Jesus (about the accident)
    bbblake: :|
    Bynk: no, sorry i am not walking on water
    bbblake: but you came back from the grave, and that's pimp in my book
    Bynk: lol
    bbblake: it's what made Jesus pimp
    bbblake: shit! everyone knows that!

  • Remixes from Boole! Thanks cl0wnhammer.

  • BynkMom has been caught by the one Ring! My Precious! And liking it. Usually fantasy movies aren't her thing, but when LoTR:RotK swept the Oscars, well it piqued her interest. Still need to wait until the end of the month for the theatrical DVD and much later for the special DVD.

  • Clarification: I was in Texas TX visiting Cavorite and Ncon; then my father, his wife, and my mother (visiting from CA). I was on my way to see ReNtZ, Fedaykin, and EvilRose in Dallas when the accident happened.