Monday, September 29, 2003

There seems to be an interesting undercurrent going on about technology right now. Or at least, it has come closer to the current foreground. Interesting that I noticed this today, considering that I just finished watching The Prisoner, a series about individuality and how technology affects us. (Which shows that these concepts are nothing new.)

Can computers help reverse falling employment?
Capitalism has succeeded in sowing a cornucopia of innovation up and down society. But capitalism is atrocious at distributing the fruits of innovation...

...Anyone who writes programs or plans system deployment should start thinking, "What can I do to bring average people back into the process of wealth creation?"

...There are precedents for this type of thinking. In the 1970s, a movement called participatory design started in Scandinavia to develop technologies that enhanced and strengthened workers' skilled contributions, instead of eviscerating them.


Accelerating Change Conference
The first conference in the world to focus on the multidisciplinary implications of accelerating change and the consequences of a technological singularity.


Robotic Nation
Marshall Brain (the guy who started HowStuffWorks) has published an article claiming that robots will take half the jobs in the U.S. by 2050.


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