Wednesday, November 12, 2003

[Bio-Death] let the oceans take and transmutate this cold and fated anchor
[Bio-Death] let the oceans take and transmucate these leaden grudges into gold
* Bio-Death dances
[RayTracer] what's that from?
[Bio-Death] Tool
[Bynk] Which album?
[Bio-Death] Lateralus
[Bynk] Ahh, "The Grudge"
[Bynk] Funny, I like Tool now, more than when I got Undertow from the BMG club years ago
[Bynk] Lyrics remind me of some of the poetry I have written in the past.
[Bio-Death] ooo
[Bio-Death] bynk poetry
[Bio-Death] i wanna c

So, with a request like that, how could I resist? My fans are calling! Besides, I've been meaning to put up my poetry for a while now. Thanks Bio for giving me the impetus!

Ahh, yes, 1990, my early years.

TOPIC: writing

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