Friday, March 12, 2004

Ahh, now some big praise from the key players.... Thanks everybody!

Been a pleasure working with you, Kevin. If you need me as a reference,
don't hesitate.

Best of luck to you.
[Safari VP, Product Management]

Hi, Kevin,

I don't know when you'll leave but I wanted to let you know how much we at
BvD have appreciated your continuous help on Safari. This really was a GREAT

Good luck for your next job,
[Safari lead developer. This is high praise from a man of few words. I was very surprised when I got this email.]


Bets of luck, Kevin. Sorry to see you go. You have been a BIG help.

[Safari VP of Managing Director]


Thanks for your support over the last couple of years with Safari. I'l always consider you an original member of our team. We've built something to be proud of in the Safari service.

Good luck in Missouri!
[Safari board member]

Good luck Kevin. Thanks for all the hard work!

[O'Reilly board member]

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