Sunday, March 21, 2004

Sent to the KC crew

Hola All!

The time is near. I pick up a 15' Budget truck with a tow dolly for my car on Monday. I head out on the same day to Kansas City, with a planned arrival of Thursday afternoon (see below). The weather looks good for next week along I-80, so I will be taking that route... No freaky upper midwest early spring snow storms in the forecast.

JEN: Hope to see you on Wednesday night.

KRISTI/CRAIG: Can you send me directions coming from Lincoln NE to your place? I don't trust Yahoo Maps in this regard. Also, since your street is somewhat narrow, I'll probably drop my car off nearby (Walgreens?)

I have the truck through Monday, and I doubt that I'll get a place in a few days. So maybe I'll get a storage space for a short period. (Yes, I have more stuff than I realized. *grin* I was warned about this... ~250cu'?)

IMPORTANT: My cellphone number now is 707-XXX-XXXX, which will change at some point to a KC number. Since net connection is not guaranteed next week, cellphone will be the best way to reach me.



The weather along I80:
(Advance the day to the proper day of the week.)

The route:

Route Summary
Origination: Santa Rosa, CA
Destination: Kansas City, MO
This Route Distance: 1802 mi. This Route Driving Time: 25:09


The planned schedule:

506 7:13 Elko NV (Monday 22 Eve)
1109 15:17 Laramie WY (Tuesday 23 Eve)
1598 21:56 Lincoln NE (Wednesday 24 Eve)
1780 24:47 Kansas City MO (Thursday 25 afternoon)

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