Sunday, March 14, 2004

Here's a great blurb that a (ex) coworker sent to me. I think it says it all. Thanks Scott!
Hi Kevin,

This quote was excerpted from a speech given by the principal at the most affluent high school in America(circa 1976), to the last graduating class he would preside over for some time. He and his family were preparing to travel the world to do whatever they needed to survive and thrive in a global quest for new experiences.

"...There will be few, a very few, who will be brave enough to walk away from the secure life in order to grow stronger by exposing and applying themselves to a wide range of new, challenging and, indeed, threatening experiences. But the tangible rewards of such ventures far eclipse the hollow triumphs of living in a static world. The renewal of self means much more than that which makes the self feel safe. I urge that this be your primary goal, your primary challenge throughout your life--that of self-renewal..."

Best of everything to you!

-- scott

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