Thursday, September 02, 2004

Ooch, it's been a few days since I've updated the blog. I've had other priorities. Such is life.

And yes, for those who want some new pictures, I'll work on that.

The leg brace is long gone and I am walking around without problems. I'd say I am 70% there. Still need to regain some leg strength. It's amazing what it takes to go down stairs. Running and jogging is still a bit off.

Job Search
I've been doing a bit of QA for O'Reilly, and my resume has been updated.

I've posted my resume to such places as Monster and I must say that Monster has the best setup, so far.

City Of Heroes
City of Heroes has been a blast. Almost like playing Champions online, makes me want to play Champions again. I'm on the Justice server with the rest of the Ampedout crew, in the Ampedout superhero group. There you will find me playing:
  • The Incomparible Arcane Bynk (controller illusion/radiation)
  • Grinning Jack (tanker invuln/fire)
  • Vitus (controller kinetics/empathy)

Fun Stuff
Much better than, it's

Here some crazy Engrish and Cosplay from Japan:

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