Thursday, May 27, 2004

What's up? I get the cast off my left hand/wrist tomorrow. Yeah! Also I get a mobility brace so I can move my knee, 30º at first. Which means I should be driving!!!

Spent Wednesday and Thursday with car stuff. Finally got a new one. Huzzah!

Here it is:

No, no, not the old Nissan Sentra in the front. The Nissan Altima 1998 GLE in the rear. Geeez!

Yes, another Altima. If I can get in an accident and only suffer the injuries I have, then at minimum my "new" car was going to be an Altima. Got a pretty good deal on it. Needed new tires which I got today at CostCo. The interior needs a good detailing/shampooing. Also, it could use a tune-up. (Probably missed its 60K... total miles 65,000.)

More after tomorrow's doctor's visit...

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