Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Just came back from seeing Doctor Key (2 hours later). They took some new X-rays. Removed the "cast" from the left hand to examine it. Still some bruising in the outer metacarpals. Definite bruising below the wrist on the inside. Hand prognosis? Two more weeks of wearing a cast. Ack, I miss two handed typing. It's like I have been partially gagged.

Knee prognosis: Finally the staple/sutures have been removed. Yes, it is healing but the tough part is the ligaments/tendons. They need to grow back. So two more weeks of no bending of the right leg. Then I will be able to bend it 30º. Two weeks more and another 30º. Which means 8 weeks for full mobility (120º). *sigh*

Follow up visit in two weeks...

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