Wednesday, May 12, 2004

This update brought to you by EFNet IRC
bynk: knock knock
stoichic: who's there?
bynk: Little ol' lady....
bynk: (sorry, I was napping.)
stoichic: how's the knee w/o staples?
bynk: very nice
stoichic: yay!
bynk: no more 1 hour to bed
bynk: well, 30 mins
stoichic: hehe
bynk: walking around w/o walker
stoichic: awesome!
stoichic: that's great newss
bynk: though for long period I probably could still use a stick/cane
bynk: in 2 weeks no more arm splint!
stoichic: !!
stoichic: that's excellent news
bynk: Mom has bought a ticket to leave on June 3rd
stoichic: well, at least i know i'll get to see her before she leaves :)
bynk: yup
bynk: Monday I should have my money for a new vehicle... not as much as I expected. Oh well.

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