Thursday, May 06, 2004

Today's update brought to you by AIM.
Petdance: How goes it?
Petdance: Yeah, I saw that. [the blog]
Bynk: I am hanging in there
Petdance: You've just got the left had bummin'?
Petdance: and one leg?
Bynk: yup
Petdance: Do ya get a lot of chicks with that thing?
Petdance: "Oh, you poor baby! Let me give you a massage!"
Bynk: yeah, this older chick now hangs around
Bynk: oh, wait, that's my mother
Bynk: (c:
Petdance: Well, it's a start!
Petdance: That's gotta be weird, having to actually think about walking.
Bynk: not too much thinking now... more planning and awareness
Bynk: when I go out its like taking a 2yr old to the mall
Petdance: Oh?
Bynk: take the walker... put me in the car correctly...
Petdance: Your walker runs away from you, yelling, in the opposite direction that you want to go?
Bynk: lol
Petdance: YOU laugh.
Bynk: okay, not quite at that level
Bynk: going to bed takes an hour, with changing my bandage
Bynk: And now that I'm not completely exhausted, I wake up tired... just can't sleep as comfortably with leg immobile on back... oh well
Bynk: and this too will pass
Petdance: What's ETA on getting past all this?
Bynk: well, probably 6 weeks for no brace... not super sure yet... doc appt next Tues
[6 weeks in total, 10 days down, 32 to go]
Petdance: Jeepers.

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