Monday, May 03, 2004

Some observations/notes over the last few days:
  • To quote a famous actress, "You like me, you really do!" So where is my gold statue? Hehehe. Thank you all for your kind words and support. Wealth is definitely measured in friends, not in money. (Okay, money is good too.)

  • Lord Jingles rawks! Here's a recent (04/27/2004) testimonial that he posted on Thanks man.
    It's hard to honestly put into words how good a person Kevin is. I'm going to try. My second wedding took place worlds away from anywhere that my friends and family live. However, Kevin came and stood with me. Far as I'm concerned, that makes him family in my book. Sharp, witty, has a staggeringly diverse 'punconscious'. We even share a brain - often engaged in conversation composed solely of half sentences, there being no need of the other halves.

    Generous to a fault, and always positive. Rock on, brother Bynk.

  • EvilRose... I'm sorry too that I couldn't meet you and Fedaykin in Dallas.

  • Instant messaging and chat gooooood! It's what got the message out to my friends and old coworkers. You wouldn't believe how many phone calls I got in the hospital because of it. Thanks Stoichic for getting the initial word out and Jingles for IM-ing Retina and Aelonwindseeker.

  • When you have an online presence, funny how it becomes equated with a form of health. Over the last few days I've had many people note, "It's great to see you back online." Call them eVitals if you will. Yup, I'm still sending packets of strong electrons.

  • BynkNeice is now an Amper and has confessed that she is a self-proclaimed nerd. Woot! (She Likes Pink Floyd / And Deadgrrrl too ... Now she's an Amper / An Amper o/~ ... apologies to Tom Petty.)

  • I'm popular as Jesus, Elvis, and the Beatles! Okay, not quite. Though all you need is love, right?
    bbblake: oh Jesus (about the accident)
    bbblake: :|
    Bynk: no, sorry i am not walking on water
    bbblake: but you came back from the grave, and that's pimp in my book
    Bynk: lol
    bbblake: it's what made Jesus pimp
    bbblake: shit! everyone knows that!

  • Remixes from Boole! Thanks cl0wnhammer.

  • BynkMom has been caught by the one Ring! My Precious! And liking it. Usually fantasy movies aren't her thing, but when LoTR:RotK swept the Oscars, well it piqued her interest. Still need to wait until the end of the month for the theatrical DVD and much later for the special DVD.

  • Clarification: I was in Texas TX visiting Cavorite and Ncon; then my father, his wife, and my mother (visiting from CA). I was on my way to see ReNtZ, Fedaykin, and EvilRose in Dallas when the accident happened.

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