Saturday, October 04, 2003

An article in need of a point? In need of a solution?

bynk: Homogenizing America,1375,VCS_223_2314739,00.html
bynk: Just read this column in the paper. And it seems more of a statement than commentary. What was his point?
bunnyhero: it's 'vaguely troubling'
bynk: Hehe, why yes it is. And the answer to the problem?
bunnyhero: hmmm
bynk: How much of a problem is it really?
bunnyhero: and is it really as homogenized as it seems to be?
bynk: Maybe it's a problem of his focus. And if you ask me, he's probably traveled too much. So his POV is skewed.
bunnyhero: heh, i think he listens to too much radio.
bynk: He should get an MP3 player.
bynk: I don't listen to radio, now that I have an mp3 player. I get tired quickly of radio with commercials.
bunnyhero: i dunno, i think the differences across the US are quite tangible, even if radio on the highways sucks.
bynk: So he was bored?
Bio-Death: i think he just needs ampedout streaming in his car
bynk: Yup. Hehehe
Bio-Death: :)
Bio-Death: problem....SOLVED
bynk: So the problem is his mental problem. And lack of good music in his car.

TOPIC: commentary, society

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