Monday, October 27, 2003

TOPIC: movies

Kill Bill: After a few years "out of the picture", Quentin Tarantino has finally come back with Kill Bill. And a good come back it is. A Stand In Line on the Retina Movie Scale.

And keep an eye out for the few minute uncut(?) shot in the Tea House/Nightclub going from Uma in the bathroom, out on to the dance floor, and back again following Sophie. And oh yes, for those critics crying "gore"-- GET A CLUE! The movie pays homage to 70's Hong Kong martial arts flicks. The gore is a STYLE, and intentionally unrealistic.

Bubba Ho-tep: Sorry to say it, but Bubba Ho-tep is only worth a TV rating.

Yes, it's fricken groovy boomstick Bruce Campbell, but this is one film that would have been direct to video if it wasn't for Bruce's name. The film never gets off the ground. If you are craving some Bruce, go watch Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 2, or reruns of Brisco County Jr.

True Horror: Oh yes, want some true horror for All Hallow's Eve? Then go watch this film. Muahha, mwahahHA, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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