Friday, October 03, 2003

There seems to be an undercurrent regarding security and empowerment, in reaction to such things as the RIAA and the hijinx in our goverment. Heck, I ended up donating to the EFF and using their action center because of the RIAA's draconian ways. Right now this seems mostly at the alpha geek level (aka early adopters); it will be interesting to see how things pan out.

On a weird side note, it seems the EFF action center is using ASP.... somewhat befuddling.

How to Kill Spam Without the State from Slashdot.

How to Save the World by Taking Back Control of Our Data

SBC and Verizon are fighting the RIAA's attempts to monitor their customers. (Another from Slashdot)

EFF has just released our analysis of Trusted Computing. "We find that the technology could benefit computer security, but must be fixed to ensure that the computer owner is always in control. We also propose a specific way of fixing it."

Lawsuit Against Microsoft Over Insecure Software

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