Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The Surprising Benefits of Being Unemployed
I actually thought – and this is really silly when you consider that I've been working in the FEH for nigh on to a thousand years and so should know better – that companies feel the same sense of obligation and duty toward their employees that they insist their employees should feel toward them. If you contribute to your company's success and help it to advance its interests and financial health, often making sacrifices of your own time to do so, then your company will reciprocate by making sacrifices in bad times to take care of you by not depriving you of your paycheck and benefits. That's the way I thought it worked.
Interesting point here. Is there a solution? Or is this just a rant of a guy bit by the current times?

Read the article beyond this part. There are some interesting, sad, and funny observations by David.
(Found this one by way of Slashdot.)

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