Friday, October 17, 2003

RIAA stuff:

RIAA Sequentially Repeating Edison's Mistakes
After watching the RIAA's public Dance of Death closely for only about a year, everything they do is so predictable that I'm beginning to wonder if they even have any control over their own destiny.
Download music, go to jail!
Tired of Being Treated Like a Criminal for Sharing Music Online? ... But even shotgun-style lawsuits won't solve the RIAA's problem
Technology vs. Legislation: Part Two - iTunes for Windows and the RIAA
So given the apparent disconnect between the RIAA and the consumer, why is it we still consider any compromise with them? They've had absolutely no vision when it comes to technology, and if it had been up to them, we would still be unable to burn music CD's, transfer music to MP3 players, or convert CD's to MP3's. In fact, if the mentality of the RIAA had been accepted years ago, there would not have been cassette tapes, reel to reel, or even CD's. If it had been up to the RIAA, our car stereos might have technical innovations like slot loading 45's.
LOL, slot loading 45's. Sounds like a weapon, not a media player. Can I say media player and 45 (as in 45 vinyl records) in the same sentence? Seems to clash. 50's (and earlier) technology vs a 90's/00's buzz word. Go figure.

Is the tide turning? We net-geeks are in the know. But what are newspapers and magazines that influence the non-geeks saying? Last time I looked, they had little on the anti-RIAA side of things.


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