Friday, October 17, 2003

So, I was in #ampedout (on EFNet) the other day, minding my own business.
(Cut and paste the links. I'm not making them live, since some of these links are not for the young or feint of heart. Really! Turn back unless you want your reality shifted in a inane way.)
[Inox] but the *really* broken folks are these:
[Bynk] A gathering for my inner fey? Is it anywhere near the furry convention?
[Inox] I mean, hell, cosplay I can almost tolerate, due to my ongoing desire to see teenage asian girls in revealing outfits

Okay, me, being the innocent that I am (yeah, right), had never heard of OTHERKIN. So I did a net search.
[Bynk] What is an Otherkin? (aka Fairth, Metahuman, and sometimes Furries)
[Bynk] Trans-spirited otherkin usually feel they were born into (or are residing within) a body of the wrong species
* deadgrrrl blinks.

Wow. Something new from the net that I hadn't heard about. What depths can o' humanity stoop to? Well, I'll tell ya, a google image search later:
[Bynk] Gah! My brain breaks!
[Bynk] Oh my fuck:
[kRUT] it looks like it's in pain.
[deadgrrrl] i'm sorry i looked.
[deadgrrrl] now you allmust suffer as well.
[kRUT] jesus, that chick has front teeth like a RAT

Which led to the slippery (fuzzy?) slope of PLUSHIES:
[kRUT] first stuffed animal sex
[kRUT] now BBB
[kRUT] big beautifull bears

My brain hurts. But that which does not destroy me, only makes me stronger.

In some ways this is more mind expanding than when I learned a few years ago that people collected firehouse sewn badges. Learning that people a) traded them, and b) put them up on the Interweb, made me c) understand the width of those who created communities. Just one more thing I never though I would see on the net. It was totally out of my scope. And in seeing it, made me understand the Interweb's power.

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