Sunday, October 05, 2003

Chasing the demons over gay marriage
Adam and Rodrick had invited us to celebrate their commitment. It is the word "celebrate" that graced their invitation. We were not invited to tolerate their commitment. We were not invited to accept it. We were invited to celebrate it... I realized again that what seems to me so rich about America -- this great, open, changing, diverse society -- is what frightens and sometimes angers others. They see an assault of family values. We see family. Our family. Our values.
I saw this column and it make me think. What is it about gays that "frightens and sometimes angers others"? Is it a learned cultural trait? Misunderstanding? Is it just xenophobia? How does different ways to live threaten our way of life? Are certain people insecure about their, well, security?

Funny how one side can say that choice and diversity is what makes this country great. And the other side will say nearly the opposite things make this country great.

Admittedly I've seen very smart people with bizare ideas about life in general. In one case I know somebody who had the idea that a woman can't have a career and children too. "What?!?! Look around?" In his defense, he came from a region and family where this didn't usually happen, and thus didn't have role models. Luckily, he has come around since then. So is it a just matter of bizare ideas (thought up or heard from others) and blind spots?

*sigh* And it often comes down to the fact that many religions and societies preach tolerance, but do not practice it.

Maybe it is the Tipping Point's concept that some people just adopt ideas earlier than others. (I'm an early adopter.) Each person has their own "adoption quotient", at which point they will accept something new and different. Usually this is applied to technology, but it seems that it can be applied to ideas too.

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