Monday, October 13, 2003

Gah! Me brain has been to sedentary. So the current idea is to start a self learning program, a few hours a night. Not sure of the exact schedule. The subjects?
  • History/biography: Current book, Benjamin Franklin : An American Life by Walter Isaacson. Looks like it will be a good book.
  • Programming language: Perl. I just don't know enough. Start by reading through Programming Perl and running the scripts.
  • Language: Latin using Wheelock's Latin, 6e by Frederic M. Wheelock.
  • Music: Guitar or keyboard. I've got the keyboard. I would need to buy a guitar. Either way I really need to purge some things to make room for this endeavour.
  • Writing: Just write, towards the Megaword mark.
  • Computer networking/OS: Time to get Linux on my home machines and create a server on my home network.
  • Workout: already started by walk/jog a few times a week.
TOPIC: education, tech

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