Monday, October 06, 2003

Ohhh! The Bunny hero just sent me this great article from Wired about the Dimensional Warp Generator email.
"It was just so weird, I had to respond. I sent him a message saying I could get him what he wanted," Hill said.
In so doing, Hill, like numerous Internet users since late 2001, was drawn into the strange world of a mysterious man some refer to as the time-travel spammer.
Interesting. This Robert "Robby" Todino reminds me of a local character, Steven Lightfoot, who believes that Stephen King, Nixon, and Reagan are linked in the death of John Lennon. No! I'm not making this up. He even has a website.

Sometimes I see his van parked on my street. When I worked in a downtown bookstore, he would come in and say that we needed more books about Lennon. At the start of the conversation, Steven seems normal-- when the conversation progresses, it just gets strange.

Hearsay says that Steven went on an acid trip in high school (a local high school) on a weekend in the late 70's (Lennon death era), and never really came back.

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