Thursday, October 09, 2003

On Sunday I ordered up the following reprints from Far Future Enterprises.
  • JTAS 1-12
  • JTAS 13-24
  • JTAS 25-33
  • The Adventures (1-13)
  • The Aliens 1
  • The Aliens 2
  • The Games (1-6 )
  • The Short Adventures (1-6 )
  • The Supplements (1-13)
Within a few hours of the request, I got a response from Marc Miller (himself and no other) that it would ship on Monday. Which it no doubt did because I just got them all in the mail Wednesday. Very nice!

Marc threw in a very nice Traveller embroidered knit crew shirt, and a signed "TOM: The Origins Metagame" CCG type card with his pic on it.

Keep on Travelling!


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